RadicalDetox CoverRadical Detox: How to save your life, restore your health, and create a new planet. If you’re looking for questions you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for answers then you’ll have to look within yourself. But this book will help you reach conclusions and take action.

Packed with well researched stories, RadicalDetox provides everything needed to envisage the world you were meant to inhabit, and to understand why your current experience may be falling short. It’s never too late to change. This work shows you how to steadily make progress in moving toward a more harmonious lifestyle.

RadicalDetox isn’t simply a book about diet. It’s true it examines popular health remedies such as Juicing and Macrobiotics as well as examining theories concerning the quality of blood. RadicalDetox, however, really starts where other works end because it links these with the ecology and quality of your environment.

Read RadicalDetox if you are serious about the health and quality of your life and those of your loved ones. Cherry pick from the many exercises and suggested recipes. Improvements are sure to follow.

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Book cover 'Photography & Psychoanalysis'Photography and Psychoanalysis : The Development of Emotional Persuasion in Image Making’, is the first of three books about how photography fits into ideas about consciousness.

In this work, Stephen examines the story of how these two very different disciplines came together at the beginning of the last century and were used together creating biased information, perception, and purchasing behaviors. More than this, the work brings you close to the pioneers of both photography and psychology, laying bare their motivation as well as the results of their work.

In his foreword to the work Dr. Julian Stern, a practicing psychoanalyst from London’s Tavistock Centre writes:

“In a relatively short journey the author guides us through psychoanalysis and systems theory, photography, surrealism, advertising and much more. This is a contentious, evocative and intelligent introduction to two of modern history’s greatest creations.”

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Photography & Zen CoverThis work is in two parts. In the first section, Stephen examines what contemplative photography is; how the concept came into being; and why it is important to photography students.

The second section concerns itself with the practice of contemplative photography. It guides you toward developing your awareness via the medium of photography.

Professor Michael Eldridge, Siena Art Institute writes:

“He writes as if photography has been waiting for him all his life, hunted him down and now haunts him like a ghost for which he holds no fear but which surprises him on a daily basis, night-time too I would guess. . . . There is one constant, his camera. It is not just one cherished item. It is a generic camera, an extension of his mind which somehow projects itself through his eye and then through the lens out into the so called world of reality. He orchestrates and makes manifest the inner imaginings of his creative mind. He inhabits that place, that space.”

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AN ABC of NLP CoverJoseph Sinclair wrote the first edition of ‘An ABC of NLP’ in 1992, but by 1998 the field had developed to such an extent that the volume required extensive revisions and extension.

“I would have welcomed this book in the twelve years that I have been using and teaching NLP. I will recommend it to my workshop participants.” — Groupvine Magazine, Michael Mallows

“This book contains a sometimes understated humor. It offers a useful back up and . . . an even more effective resource.” — NLP World, Keith V. Trickey

“The second edition of An ABC of NLP is a joint effort with Stephen Bray who is described as “having provided additional material” – actually scant acknowledgement of the amount of work he did on the book. He also designed the remarkable book cover that was probably more instrumental than anything else in getting the book short-listed for best self-published work of the year.” — Joseph Sinclair

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