Book Reviews

Three kinds of book review will appear on this web site.

  1. Photography. These may be either biographical, or technical. Occasionally a little of both.
  2. Non-Duality. These aren’t simply limited to books about Advaita, but may include works on Taoism, Zen, or any style that captures the spirit of Non-Duality.
  3. Non-Duality and Photography. That rare combination, which encompasses both.


Photography may be seen as an art, or as a technical craft. I remember working artistically, and also to the direction of an art director. For some years I worked solely on reportage, not only as a photographer, but also writing – I guess today you might call me a photojournalist when looking back into those days.

For me Non-Duality does not simply mean ‘not two’, it rather means ‘Not One, Not Two, or More’. Not all agree with this definition, but I can’t help them with their worldview. I have no desire to convince, or convert anyone to anything.

There are rare photographers who embody the spirit of Non-Duality within their work. Most tend not to make a lot of fuss about this. Instead they live their lives from day-to-day getting on with the business of living as, ultimately, we all must.