Radical Detox: How to save your life, restore your health, and create a new planet

Do you want to lose weight, become healthy, feel fulfilled and become happy? This well researched volume provides 280 pages of information together with recipes and formulas aimed at helping you to reach your goals. Unlike most diet books RadicalDetox takes off where others stop.

Rather than forcing you into routines and pitting the power of your will against food let it gently guide you toward alternatives giving you choices and freedom. In RadicalDetox, the author proves, over and over, that if you’re overweight and unhealthy you’ve done nothing wrong and there are many ways you may help yourself. Discover that healing the planet will occur as more people regain their health.

The author is an experienced psychotherapist with over forty years experience. When he became fat he took steps to recover his health because his eight year old daughter was worried about him. After two years researching and discovering how to get himself back in shape. What he discovered shocked him!

In RadicalDetox the story of the author’s recovery is artfully blended with prescriptions to help you learn and develop healthy habits. This makes the book easy to read. The author also shares details of his failures, enabling you to save precious time by learning from his many mistakes. Keeping weight down off after losing it is a common problem.

RadicalDetox addresses this problem by looking at the research, it explains the reasons this occurs, and provides a unique perspective on how to resolve this problem. This book is as suitable for complete beginners as it is for advanced nutritionists, life coaches, psychologists and medical practitioners. It contains tasty recipes as well as tips on preparation.

RadicalDetox CoverIt is not, however, primarily a recipe book. Instead it explains why others fail with other books and what to do to rectify this problem. A comprehensive resources section of the rear of the book includes sections on: Sustainable Living, Self Development, Science within Consciousness, Online Resources including Facebook Pages and Groups, Books on Health and Nutrition, books on Finance and Ecology, Film and TV Documentaries, and Kitchenware including Juicers and Blenders. These enable you to build upon the foundations

RadicalDetox provides help, without having you experience the costly expense of sub-standard purchases, or useless literature. The author warns: “It may seem simple to adopt the mindset needed to cleanse your body and change your life. But, thinking is one thing, and doing is another. . . . all the evidence suggests that if you lose weight due to a calorie controlled regime and then lapse, you‘ll end up larger than ever. . . RadicalDetox isn‘t an act of willpower, it‘s a living experiment. You discover what you may achieve today.

The aim is to take your detox a day at a time. . . powerful forces will attempt to stop you. These may include your current friends and even family members who are unable to relate to the ways you are changing. In time, as they see how your life becomes simpler and your health improves they may slowly come around to your new way of thinking.” As you become more familiar with RadicalDetox your attitude toward others will change and you discover, by and large, that the world opens up to you in unexpected ways.

You are better able to respond to difficulty, and will be amazed as your equanimity grows in the face of challenges. These improvements are reflected in your physical appearance. Not only will you become a healthy weight but, after a few weeks, your complexion will improve and any facial lines will be less prominent.

Experiment with the information contained in order to determine if what you read is true, or hokum. RadicalDetox provides you with the information and resources to achieve your dreams. Order a copy today.