Farkındalık: An Exhibition of Photographs in Marmaris

I’ve just concluded and exhibition of photographs with my colleagues Michael Eldridge, and Colin Tracy. Our pictures were well received here in Marmaris and have resulted in T.V. appearances, invitations to speak, as well as modest sales.

All was achieved because each of us taking part was confident that the outcome, whether successful or a failure in the opinions of others, would be exactly as only it could be. Had we thought about profit, fame, or any of those other nagging doubts that blight most people’s lives within the dream of separation, stress most likely, would have blighted enjoyment of the exhibition and thus dampened its appeal for others.

The photographs were our attempt to demonstrate that consciousness isn’t personal and limited, but rather it is unbounded and within it all things arise including time, space and, apparently, separate beings and objects. To think otherwise is to experience isolation, fear, despair, and other forms of misery.

Stephen and Irem Bray  photo-credit Colin Tracy

Stephen and Irem Bray recording at Marmaris TV Studio.

Marmaris Municipal Authority have acquired my piece Farkındalık and will be putting it on permanent display. There are five images in the work, each digitally printed on canvas.

Stephen Bray's Pentych known as Farkindilik

Five images comprise the exhibit Farkindilik

We have produced some videos about the event. This is the first in the series:.


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