A Five Day Monochrome Challenge

I respect John Amy highly as a graphic designer. Recently he challenged me to post a monochrome photograph every day for five days. In the spirit of the challenge I only posted work created on the day.

Day One - Monochrome Challenge

‘Rise and Shine’

Sometimes my images are so mundane that they are disregarded.

Day Two - Monochrome Challenge

‘Where’s Willy?’

‘It’s a window, a lavatory basin, a nut, a face, or a sky’ are the thoughts, which seek closure rather than explore simplicity.

Image Three - Monochrome Challenge

‘Muğla Ceviz’, (A universe in a nutshell).

These images are one point of view. In them the entirety of perception is compressed into a digital artifact.

Image four - Monochrome Challenge

Lost in the eternity from which we seem to emerge.

I don’t photograph in order to win competitions, or claim to be more exceptional, or different from you.

Image five - Monochrome Challenge

Man and Nature, The Miraculous Sky

Looking out of the window, peeing, eating nuts, delighting in the company of another – acknowledging that self and other simultaneously appear as mirages in this mysterious space is not enough for most photographers.

I wish good luck and success to those of you who want to be the best, rather than content to be whole, and who must collect ‘likes’ on Facebook and win competitions in clubs. It is as good a way as any, and there’s nothing wrong with such ambitions.

My miracle, however, like these photographs, is very ordinary. For me the moment represents something sacred – special, simple, times encapsulating wholeness – those which most take for granted without gratitude, or reverence.

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