Michael Eldridge: Creativity in Le Marche.

Stephen Bray and Michael Eldridge in Italy>/br>image Liliana Pivato

Stephen Bray and Michael Eldridge in Italy – image Liliana Pivato

Few understand photography better than Michael Eldridge. He was Director of Post Graduate Studies in Photography at The Arts University, Bournemouth for more years than most would care to admit. Today his heart is in the beautiful Sibilini Mountains in the Le Marche Region of Italy, where we plan projects together.

Michael believes we all have creativity locked within us. The problem for many employed in the arts and media is that the river of genius which once was strong, under pressure, becomes polluted or stagnant.

This is why time and time again people in the commercial world find themselves lacking in imagination and lost for inspiration. Too much attention to material concerns and, frequently broken, promises inevitably disconnects the flowing river from the source. Michael teaches Creativity Workshops that help people restore their connection, and there are few better places to do so than in Italy, where he lives.

It’s years since he painted scenery for the Earl of Snowdon, and worked for Sue Mann’s agency following her departure from British Vogue, where she was Art Director, but his eye is as fresh as ever.

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