Michael Eldridge Shares His Message At The Opening of ‘Trees and Sky’

Stephen Bray, Irem Bray, Michael Eldridge ~ Trees and Sky, photo Jobey A Butt.

Stephen Bray, Irem Bray (translating) and Michael Eldridge at the opening ceremony for Trees and Sky at Netsel Gallery, Marmaris, Turkey. (Photo courtesy of Jobey A. Butt.)

“The purpose of this exhibition is very simple. It is our attempt to help people reconnect with their environment and the planet.

“I would like each of you every morning to really look at a tree, to examine it closely, and to also see what’s up there in the sky.

“It’s really that simple”

Michael went on to express his appreciation of all the love he had received since coming to Turkey, as well as the practical support accompanying it from artisans who had done much to ‘fix’ last minute glitches, often with no more than a moment’s notice.

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