Michael Eldridge and Stephen Bray Discuss Trees and Sky on Marmaris Radio Park FM

Stephen Bray and Michael Eldridge under the banner for their Trees and Sky show at Netsel Gallery Marmaris

Stephen Bray and Michael Eldridge under the huge banner at Netsel Gallery, Marmaris.

“Only one day to go and we’ve only put up the banner”, said Michael Eldridge.

“Inşallah Michael”, I replied, “All will be cool!”

“It’s all these interviews and radio shows wot’s causing the delays”, Michael retorted.

“Ah but you said some way fab stuff on Park FM Marmais today Mike”, said Stephen.

Do you agree?

Stephen Bray with Michael Eldridge outside Netsel Gallery. Marmaris, Turkey.

Not much work getting done. Too much foolin’ around, but lots of fun, just as life should be!

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