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Digital Cyanotype

I was out in Marmaris with my favorite 40mm equivalent lens, the 27mm Fujinon that I use on the aging and wonderful XE-1.

The lens is perfect for working on the street because it’s compact. It also helps that I have a stepping-ring and set of N.D. filters that I can use with it when the sun gets bright.

Suddenly, out at sea this configuration of yachts against a wonderful sky invited me to make an image. The trouble was the image was just a tiny speck in the frame. I would never have considered cropping so dramatically were it not for the Internet. The images posted here are so reduced in size that cropping from a good sensor doesn’t make such a difference.

Cropped .JPG from camera

Cropped .JPG from camera

Besides, my first digital camera, which I still own, has only 2.3 megapixels and I found ways to make good prints from those files, way back in the last century, when  I first acquired it.

With the crop in mind I framed and recorded the image. The result looked rather like a Cyanotype. It pretty accurately resembled what I saw. More colors and subtleties were to be found in the image recorded by my mind’s eye, so I went into Photoshop and so made some basic corrections.

Basic colour correction

Basic colour correction

I love the result.

At this stage the image intrigued, and engaged me. I found myself creating a monochrome conversion. To make this work it was necessary to change the contrast using a curves adjustment.

Mono conversion with curves ajustment

Mono conversion with curves adjustment

I still prefer the corrected colour version, because it looks more natural but the tones in the monochrome version are both subtle, and dramatic. They are the kind of thing that may work in a book illustration.

It then occurred to me then that perhaps I might go full-circle and create a simulated Cyanotype based upon the monochrome file. This didn’t really work until I added a second colour and brushed border.

Digital Cyanotype, (split tone with brushed edges).

Digital Cyanotype, (split tone with brushed edges)