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When The Guards Like It You Know It’s As Good As It Gets!

In June 2007 I visited Istanbul Modern to see an exhibition of photographs by Andreas Gursky. These super-large digital collages were a great success here in Turkey.

How do I know?

Quite simply because I noted that the security guards at the gallery were carefully examining each one and talking together about what they saw.

Believe me a security guard is unlikely to have a degree in fine art. On the other hand those guarding galleries have probably seen everything from large nudes to abstract daubs.

When they start to relate to work I know it to be good.

Imagine my delight then when Mücahit Kazancıoğlu one of the guards at Netsel Marina paid us some visits and enthused about our work.

“I always used to carry my camera with me”, he said. “Now I will begin to carry it again.”

“Who knows maybe one day I’ll be a fine-art photographer too?”