How To Write Your Elevator Pitch

ACCORDING TO GEOFFREY JAMES, AUTHOR OF  BUSINESS WITHOUT THE BULLSH*T what you think is an elevator pitch may actually alienate customers.

Writing on Inc.com James asserts that no one listens to sales pitches, and a three minute sales pitch is likely to turn most customers off.

The term ‘elevator pitch’ originates in the idea that some chance encounter traps you in a space, the elevator, with a potential customer. The problem is, of course, that you have no idea who they are, what they want to buy, or how you may help them.

These difficulties aren’t reasons to avoid developing your elevator pitch. The truth is that in business we all need to know who we are, what we can do for others, how we do it, and what it costs.

Without this vital knowledge you’re lost, but many, if not most small business owners have no idea about what they really do. Those in larger corporations are frequently indoctrinated with slogans and mission statements that seem irrelevant.

Time for your elevator pitch

Could You Help A Stranger Out In A Bar?

Copywriter John Carlton is on the mark when he writes about overhearing a conversation. The scenario is that you’re in a bar and you hear someone discussing a particular business problem. It happens that you have the solution to the stranger’s problem. How do you aproach them and make it clear that you have something important to offer?

Jordan Belfort, the infamous Wolf of Wall Street, who is now a motivational speaker and sales coach, is very clear that you will need three attributes.

You must be:

  • Enthusiastic as hell, which suggests that you have something great to offer.
  • You’re sharp as a tack, because no-one wants to receive brain surgery, or anything else important, from a dim-wit.
  • You’re an authority figure and someone to be reckoned with. We’re conditioned from an early age to recognize and follow such people.

You may not like Belfort. The film made based upon his life, in which Leonardo DiCaprio played him, may horrify you – but he knows how to sell better than most. That’s why I think you’re well advised to take notice of what he has to say.

In fact if you’re not enthusiastic about your work, intelligent about every aspect of your business, and an authority in your field it’s unlikely that your business can survive.

Before you start elevating your pitch to others it’s essential that what you say, and how you act are congruent with who you are, and how you want to be.

This concept is central to what Internet Marketer Frank Kern refers to as your ‘Core Identity‘. He claims that speaking from your true self to the essential selves of prospects is what leads to interest, sales conversions, and ultimately advocates for what you offer.

The problem, for most, is that we have been conditioned to project an image of ourselves, which emphasizes how our teachers, parents, and employers want us to be, whilst denying things we like to think and do, which they don’t care for.

Fraser Hay, Founder of Grow Your Business Club believes that the first step to creating an elevator script is to have a story that is exclusively yours. He says this: ‘Is the foundation of your belief and commitment to your product or service.”

You need to know how you got into your business, what has caused you to stay there and why you are enthusiastic about what you do. If you’re not enthusiastic then something is wrong. You might benefit from some professional advice, career coaching, or even a holiday in which to gain a fresh perspective, Fraser claims.

Customers have various personality types, and you can’t be expected to know who will hit upon your web site. Yet frequently it is upon your web site that people will first investigate your strengths and weaknesses. People buy from people, so rather than attempting to desperately cater for all people all of the time it’s best for your elevator pitch to appeal to people who are similar to you in disposition, and whom you can work with and help. The key is in knowing your own beliefs and then your ideal customers will be those resonate with you.

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